A Midwestern Review is DePauw University's undergraduate literary magazine, dedicated to publishing our students' poems, stories, and more. 

The Spring 2017 Issue’s theme will surround our current political climate. We encourage writing and artwork that wants to get political. In everyday social banter, we often avoid discussion about politics in order to be polite and conform. But we are finding it hard to stay quiet any longer! In your submissions, don’t be afraid to push boundaries, challenge our theme, and use politics to speak to the things that you already love to write about: family, identity, society, last weekend. We discourage rants but encourage thoughtful and thought-provoking prose. Have fun with the theme, don’t take it seriously, or take it way too seriously. The choice is yours. 

Please submit your BEST work in the specified category.

We will not be accepting any screenplays or dramatic work.

All submissions must be COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. Please remove any identification from your written documents before you submit your work.

Please leave your Cover letter BLANK unless you are a non-DePauw student. If you are a student from another college or university in Indiana, please let us know your school and grade in the cover letter. 

The governing body over DePauw publications does not like to see the same work of art or writing in more than one publication. If your work has been accepted elsewhere please withdraw your work immediately from your "My Submissions" page.

MWR Staff

We want your edgier writing, your work that defies descriptions such as fiction and nonfiction. Send us your ekphrastic poetry, your art criticism, your journal entries--anything you think we need to read.

Not to be confused with academic writing about art--please don't send us your research papers.